Successful and Inspiring Pinoy Entrepreneurs

In business and entrepreneurship, just like in any aspect of life, those who are inspired are among the successful lot. Of course, some say it’s better to be smart that being inspired (or that success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration), but, all things being equal, an inspired person persists through challenges and gets ahead of the rest.

In one of my rare trips to the mall some months ago, I chanced upon the book entitled NeGOsyo: Inspiring Stories of 50 Successful Filipino Entrepreneurs, written by Mr. Joey Concepcion. The book contains the individual stories of 50 Pinoy Entrepreneurs, with lessons highlighted by Professor Andy Ferreria. It includes Jay Aldeguer (Island Souvenirs), Vicky Belo (Belo Medical Group), Paolo Bediones (Red Eye Studios), Juan Carlos Araneta, Santiago Araneta, Carlos Araneta and Fernando Araneta (LBC) and Diosdado Banatao (Tallwood Venture Capital). Now, if you want a sneak preview on these successful Filipino entrepreneurs, just head on to GoNegosyo.

Incidentally, some of the successful Pinoy entrepreneurs included in “NeGOsyo: Inspiring Stories of 50 Successful Filipino Entrepreneurs” are also among the 10 Most Inspiring Filipino Techno Entrepreneurs. These successful Pinoy entrepreneurs include (list is through Touched by an Angel):

  1. Diosdado Banatao (Computer Chips – Mostron and S3)

  2. Nonoy & Ben Colayco (Online Gaming – Level Up)

  3. Joey Gurango (Software Development – Webworks OS)

  4. Danilo Manayaga (Biotechnology – Servac Philippines)

  5. Dennis Mendiola (Wireless Technology – Chikka Asia)

  6. Manny Pangilinan (Telecommunications – First Pacific, PLDT)

  7. Dr. William Torres (RP Internet Pioneer – Mozcom)

  8. Peter Valdes (software development – Vinta Systems)

  9. Orlando Vea (Mobile Communications/New Media – SMART founder, MediaQuest)

  10. Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala II (Diversified IT investing – iAyala)

Many of these successful entrepreneurs are, of course, born rich. The more amazing stories of entrepreneurship, however, are about those persons who didn’t come from rich families, but still made it to the top and are now earning millions. These are the rags-to-riches stories. These are inspiring stories. Perhaps a quote from one of the 10 Most Inspiring Filipino Techno Entrepreneurs, PLDT Chair Manuel V. Pangilinan, would drive home the point. In the words of MVP:

I was born poor, but poor was not born in me. And it shouldn’t be born in you either. You can make it. Whatever you may wish to do with your future, you can make it. It gets dark sometimes, but morning comes always. Challenges breed character. Character breeds faith. In the end, faith will not disappoint. You must not disappoint.

Now, don’t get me wrong, inspiration is not entirely about money. Inspiration could come from other sources and from other people who are not at all concerned with money. Still, from a business perspective, the stories of these successful Pinoy entrepreneurs are truly inspiring.

I bought the book, by the way.

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