Death Penalty in the Philippines

The incumbent President of the Philippines favors the reimposition of death penalty, also called capital punishment, for certain criminal cases. The lower house of Congress — the House of Representatives — has started the legislative process to enact a law reimposing the death penalty (see House Bill No. 1, proposaing a Death Penalty Law). The debate between those who support the death penalty (“reimpositionists”) and those who oppose it (“abolitionists”) is gaining momentum. With this development, it might be helpful to revisit the history and nature of death penalty in the Philippines. [Feel free to join the discussion, present the pros and cons of the pending bill, through the comment section below.] Continue reading Death Penalty in the Philippines

Extrajudicial Killings and Shoot-to-Kill Orders

There are many issues which stand out in the second State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Benigno Aquino III [see full transcript of original Filipino speech or the full text of English translation]. We’ll pick up an issue or two during our down time, maybe during the rare 4-day long weekend in August (National Heroes Day is August 29, a Monday, while the end of Ramadan is August 30). Continue reading Extrajudicial Killings and Shoot-to-Kill Orders