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Legalize Marijuana in the Philippines?

Marijuana is legal in some US states. In the Philippines, as the law stands today, marijuana is illegal. It is a dangerous drug and the selling/use of marijuana is a criminal offense. Soon it would be completely legal to use marijuana in the Philippines. That is, if Congress passes a proposed bill and President Benigno Aquino signs it into law.   Continue reading

How to Test if You’re Drunk

Many of those who drink, and are drunk, rarely admit that they are drunk. A person’s sobriety — or, on the reverse, level of drunkenness — may be the subject of harmless, fun discussion during the drinking session, but it’s a thorny issue when it comes to arresting that person, and throwing him/her in jail, for drunk driving. So, the Department of Transportation and Communication (DoTC), with its battery of experts, decided that there are THREE ways to initially check if you’re sober (or drunk). The 3 Field Sobriety Tests are: Continue reading

Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Anti-Drunk and Drugged Driving Act of 2013


Republic Act No. 10586

“An Act Penalizing Persons Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol, Dangerous Drugs, And Similar Substances, And For Other Purposes”

Otherwise known as the “Anti-Drunk and Drugged Driving Act of 2013


Continue reading