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Memories of Earthquakes

The intensity 7.2 earthquake, equivalent to the force of 32 Hiroshima atomic bombs, that hit Bohol and the surrounding provinces, including Cebu and Leyte, brings back a lot of memories. Looking back to to the 1980s, when our place was rocked by never-ending earthquakes: Continue reading

Japan Radiation Text Hoax and Rumor-Mongering

“BBC NEWSFLASH: Japan govt confirms explosion, radiation leak at fukushima nuclear power plants. Asian countries should take necessary precautions. Remain indoors first 24hrs. Close doors n windows. Swab neck skin with betadine where thyroid area is, radiation hits thyroid first. Take extra precaution, radiation may hit Phil. at (sic) starting 4 pm today. Pls send to ur love ones (sic). Prevention is better than cure so no harm to be more cautious esp for our health. God bless us all.” Continue reading