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Encouraging Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) through the Go Negosyo Act of 2013

The crucial role played by micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) has long been recognized. The established figures are astounding — more than 99% of enterprises in the Philippines are MSMEs. These business entities heavily contribute to economic development and, more importantly, generate employment in a scale larger than big industries. It thus makes absolute sense for lawmakers to pass a legislation that encourages and assists MSMEs during registration, in the conduct of business, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

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NeGOsyo: Joey Concepcion’s 50 Inspiring Entrepreneurial Stories

We’ve discussed GoNegosyo under the Internet & Tech category and we’ve also discussed the book in the previous post on Succcessful and Inspiring Filipino Entrepreurs. We’ve just realized, however, that we forgot to include a separate entry for this book under the Books category. This is a significant oversight because this is a book that should inspire budding Pinoy Entreneurs. This is also the original book that spawned the sequel: “Go Negosyo: Joey Concepcion’s 50 Inspiring Stories of Entepreneurs (Celebrity Edition)”. I haven’t read the sequel and probably won’t read it in the near future. Continue reading