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When Killing Your Spouse and his/her Lover is Excused

Last week, a husband was reported to have surprised his wife and her lover inside a motel. The first thing that entered my mind is not about infidelity, but death. Killing someone in flagrante delicto (caught in the act), or death inflicted under exceptional circumstances, does not carry any imprisonment. Continue reading

Sex Scandal as a Ground for Annulment

As often the case, we come across really interesting topics from the discussions in this blog. We get to write separate posts for these topics whenever we have spare time. For instance, someone asked: “Puede po bang gamitin ang sex scandal ng asawa as a ground for annulment?” This is interesting and timely because of the proliferation of sex videos and sex scandals freely floating around the web. Continue reading

Primer on Concubinage, Adultery and Bigamy

The Revised Penal Code penalizes adultery, committed by a married woman, and concubinage, committed by a married man. Other than the elements of the offense and the applicable penalties, both adultery and concubinage are covered by basically the same set of rules and, therefore, would be discussed together. Continue reading