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DOLE Issues New Rules on Contracting

On 14 November 2011, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) issued Department Order No. 18-A, which becomes effective fifteen (15) days after completion of its publication in a newspaper of general circulation. Considering that Department Order 18-A was published on 19 November 2011, it shall take effect on 4 December 2011. Continue reading

Labor-only Contracting and Independent Job Contracting

Job contracting now appears to be the workplace trend. While job contracting has its positive aspects, the explanatory note of a House Bill asserts that workers hired by agencies through the job contracting scheme are the most underpaid, neglected and oppressed among the country’s labor force. Regardless of the veracity of this assertion, let’s discuss the basic concepts in labor-only contracting and independent job contracting. Continue reading