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Unclaimed Bar Diplomas for 1974 to 1999

The Supreme Court’s Office of the Bar Confidant announced, through a notice dated 12 April 2016, that lawyer’s diplomas for the years 1974-1999 can be claimed at the Office of the Bar Confidant. Those who cannot come personally may send an authorization letter, upon showing of a photocopy of the identification card of the lawyer concerned and that of the representative. Continue reading

Tips for Examinees to Pass the Bar Examinations

Law school graduates who take the Philippine bar examinations, reputed to be one of the hardest in the legal world, receive tips and recommendations on how to take and pass the bar exam from various sources — law schools, bar review centers, lawyer-friends, classmates. There’s one more source of valuable tips on how best to approach the bar exam — the Supreme Court itself. While specifically covering the 2017 bar examinations, the guide issued by the Supreme Court’s Office of the Bar Confidant contains helpful tips for future bar exams. Here’s the full text: Continue reading