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Unclaimed Bar Diplomas for 1974 to 1999

The Supreme Court’s Office of the Bar Confidant announced, through a notice dated 12 April 2016, that lawyer’s diplomas for the years 1974-1999 can be claimed at the Office of the Bar Confidant. Those who cannot come personally may send an authorization letter, upon showing of a photocopy of the identification card of the lawyer concerned and that of the representative. Continue reading

MCLE Compliance in Entry of Appearance and Pleadings (Bar Matter No. 850)

[The Supreme Court issued a Resolution dated 17 February 2015 (full text below), which is effective 1 March 2015, requiring all counsels, including partners of law firms whose names appear in the said pleadings, to indicate their MCLE exemption or compliance number. Does this mean that if one signatory is non-compliant, even if the other co-signatories are MCLE compliant, the court can disregard/dismiss the pleading/motion?] Continue reading

Bar Examinees of 2009: Congratulations and God Bless

Time flies so fast. It seems there was never enough time to study and prepare for 4 grueling Sundays. Same thing even if there was an extension of one week, due to Ondoy. There was certainly no enough time to finish answering all the questions, especially with the unbearable number of questions in the 2009 bar, some say. I can’t judge because I haven’t seen the questions. Perhaps in the days to come, when these questions are dissected at phBar. Continue reading