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Honoring the Dead and Necrophilia

We honor our dead in the next few days. November 2 to be exact, which is All Soul’s day or Araw ng mga Patay (incidentally, I’m still trying to figure out why November 1, All Saints’ Day, is the regular national holiday, and not All Soul’s Day). Continue reading

Protecting the Whistleblowers

Government officials and employees, including the President himself, acknowledge that graft and corruption is rampant in government. “Graft and corruption become very prevalent in the country making the Philippines as one of the most corrupt countries in Asia.” This acknowledgment is contained in Senate Bill 1063, filed by Senator Manny Villar, proposing a “Whistleblower Act of 2010”. Graft and corruption, according to the Villar Bill, “will be lessened if not eradicated”. Continue reading

Poll: The 2010 Automated Elections a Success?

(Note: The poll is found at the bottom of this post.)

We all know, of course, that the first automated election in the Philippines was done last Monday, 10 May 2010. We all know that there were so many problems with the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines and the system that goes with the automated elections. Yet, in just a few hours, we have proclamations of local candidates. In just a matter of one day, we have more than 50% of results for national positions. Continue reading

Who will you Vote for President in May 2010?

In a little over two months, we will have our national and local elections. Some personalities and certain events have made the May 2010 elections very interesting. Each candidate say he/she is the better choice. No surprise in that. Perhaps what’s surprising is what you’d say to explain why we should or should not vote for a particular candidate. Continue reading