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Discuss: Minimum Age of Criminal Responsibility Act (House Bill No. 2; Full Text)

[House Bill No. 2 seeks to amend Republic Act No. 9344, as amended by Republic Act No. 10630, and reverting the minimum age of criminal responsibility from fifteen (15) years old to nine (9) years old. It was filed at the House of Representatives (First Regular Session, 17th Congress); introduced by Cadiz Representative Fredenil H. Castro and co-sponsored by Davao del Norte Representative Pantaleon D. Alvarez. To aid in the productive discussion of the subject matter, the complete text is reproduced in this post. Discuss using the comment section below.] Continue reading

Parental Consent vs Parental Advice in Marriage

One of the essential requisites is legal capacity of both the man and the woman. Another requisite is consent freely given. Legal capacity relates to the age of minority, which is the age of 18. Persons below 18 are called “minors,” who are not legally allowed to give their consent even in ordinary contracts. Let’s have a discussion on the effect of age when it comes to marriage, to cover this query in a previous post: Continue reading