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Hopefully Metro Manila Traffic Gets Worse

Metro Manila traffic is bad. It’s an established fact without need of further proof on top of the gridlock photos. Studies have shown that we’re losing MILLIONS per DAY because of Metro Manila traffic. Anyone stubborn enough to demand proof could simply take a ride in an open jeepney along EDSA during rush hour. In the past days, traffic is at a standstill throughout Metro Manila. It will get WORSE, the traffic authorities warned us. I hope it will grow to its absolute WORST condition. Continue reading

Discuss: Traffic and the Experts

Allow me to state a number of irrefutable statements. The University of the Philippines (UP) is one of the top Philippine universities. Within UP’s sprawling Diliman campus is found the National Center for Transportation Studies (NCTS), which does, among other things, expert transportation research and expert traffic studies. Unless somebody backs up a claim that another agency/entity (public or private) is better, the UP NCTS is the BEST transportation/traffic think tank in the Philippines.

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Quezon City Road Rage Caught on Video

Our work requires us to be on the road a lot of times each day. With the constant pressure of work and the stress added by the condition of Metro Manila traffic, road rage is very real. Unfortunately for the motorist, later identified as Robert Carabuena, his explosive acts were caught on cam by TV5. Fortunately for the MMDA traffic enforcer, identified as Saturnino Fabros, the video is strong evidence. Continue reading