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When Killing Your Spouse and his/her Lover is Excused

Last week, a husband was reported to have surprised his wife and her lover inside a motel. The first thing that entered my mind is not about infidelity, but death. Killing someone in flagrante delicto (caught in the act), or death inflicted under exceptional circumstances, does not carry any imprisonment. Continue reading

The Liability of a Person who tries to Commit Suicide, Fails and Kills Someone else

Life is truly more strange than fiction. A member of the phBar community who goes by the name xyckriz brought a very interesting true story to the community’s attention: “A man believed to be suffering from a mental illness jumped off the first Mandaue-Mactan Bridge Wednesday night in an attempt to end his life. He survived the 50-feet jump, but ended up killing a fisherman instead. He landed on the fisherman who had just emerged from the sea.” (As reported in SunStar Cebu). Continue reading