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Balikbayan Boxes: What OFWs Must Know About Random or Arbitrary Physical Inspection

The sending of balikbayan boxes, especially during the Christmas season, by Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) is a normal phenomenon. Balikbayan Boxes, according to the Bureau of Customs, “are packages of personal effects and/or pasalubongs sent by Filipinos residing or working abroad to their families or relatives in the Philippines to enhance Philippine tradition and culture for the promotion and preservation of strong family ties through love and caring expressed in gift-giving.” Continue reading

5 Reasons Why the SSS Pension Must be Increased by P2,000

President Benigno Aquino vetoed the proposed law increasing the monthly Social Security System (SSS) pension by P2,000. According to President Aquino, the pension increase will result in the bankruptcy of the SSS in the next 11 years. If we ask the millions of retired workers, they will most likely say that the existing pension is not enough for their daily subsistence. One of the sponsors of the propose law, Senator Cynthia Villar, explained the reasons why the monthly SSS pension should be increased by two thousand pesos (PhP2,000) across the board. Here are portions lifted/revised from the sponsorship speech of Senator Villar:

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Starting Entrepreneurship for Overseas Filipinos & Contract Workers

The usual reason given by Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in leaving the Philippines, and enduring the separation from their families, is the greener pasture at the other side of the fence, wherever in the world that may be. We’ve previously noted that perhaps it would help OFWs to become entrepreneurs. Invest or start a business, whether in the Philippines or abroad, and create a financial buffer in case they decide to “retire” from work abroad and return to the Philippines. Someone asked how to start a business in the Philippines. We’ll put ourselves in the shoes of our OFW brothers and sisters, then ask: what would we do?

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GMA: It’s the Economy, Student!

(The camp of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo recently released an article that she wrote. Some say this is a diversionary tactic. Some say, Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda, that this is “political manifesto disguised as an economic paper” Some say it contains observations that, disregarding any negative preconception against the author, are valid and should be addressed by the administration of President Benigno Aquino. Each one is entitled to an opinion, so read the article and express your opinion at the comment section below. Two graphs were removed from this full text due to difficulty in including them.) Continue reading

Annulment in the Philippines (Questions and Answers Part 5): Overseas Filipinos Edition

We have four installments on this topic (refer to Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV), as well as related posts on annulment, legal separation, declaration of nullity and divorce. We’re trying to cope with the numerous questions raised, but with our schedules, it’s impractical to answer the questions one by one. This is the reason why we summarize the questions so that similar ones would be answered in one go. Again, browse through the existing related articles to see if your questions are covered by existing discussions. Continue reading

Overseas Filipinos as Entrepreneurs

The combined effects of the strong peso and a weakened US dollar had resulted to a “loss” of income of overseas Filipinos (OFs), which includes Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).  The “lost” income is 24 Billion Pesos, as compared to 2006 figures, which amount would have gone up to 26 Billion Pesos had not other currencies appreciated against the US dollar as well. Continue reading

Para sa ‘yo, kabayan

We took the train on our way back to the hotel from Disneyland. A lady standing by the train door was staring and smiling at my son, Enzo. It’s a smile a bit hard to explain, perhaps like a Mona Lisa, but not at all alarming. During a pause in my companions’ conversation, which is in Filipino, the lady said: “Buti pa kayo. Ako labing-apat na taon na rito pero hindi pa ako nakapunta sa Disneyland.” Continue reading

10 Little Things OFWs, Balikbayans and Pinoy Expats Could Do To Help

a) Spend your vacation, your dollars, in our Philippines

It is understandable for our OFWs, balikbayans and Pinoy expats to spend vacation in other countries. The world is truly beautiful and majestic. But please do spend some of your vacation, and some of your dollars, in our Philippines. Every dollar that you bring into our country will help build our Philippines. It will help our tourism industry. It will mean more sales and more jobs for our local industries. It will mean an increase in our country’s international dollar reserves. It will help stabilize the Peso. And ultimately, it will help stabilize our economy. Continue reading