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Phishing and Rescue-a-Friend / Traveler Scam

Anyone who uses the internet knows, or should know by now, the trick known as phishing, which refers to ways of acquiring sensitive account access information such as passwords. It could be an email purportedly from yahoo or the administrator asking you to reconfirm and enter your username/password so the account won’t be deleted. Those who fall for it give out their account details. It could be a bank account, which would be more problematic. The account is not deleted, alright, but it falls in the scammer’s control. This is an old trick or scam. Continue reading

Top 10 Internet Scams

We’ve started listing down various schemes and schemes, some of which are internet-based. There’s an informative article on Top Ten Internet Scams, which article is culled from an unlikely source – the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). We’ve already listed some very useful government agency sites and we’re adding the POEA to the list. Here’s the full article, courtesy of the POEA: Continue reading