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Salute to the Fallen44

Salute to the Fallen 44

The military band kept on playing. The tune sounds painfully sad. The band kept playing for hours because the honor guards walked slower than slow-motion, perhaps fearful of disturbing the fallen comrade-in-arms inside the coffin. It took hours because there were 42 coffins that came home to Camp Bagong Diwa [Update: Why family of slain SAF from Bicol didn’t wait for Aquino]. The 2 other fallen police officers were buried earlier in accordance with Islamic rites. 44 dead. A lot of officers and gentlemen died performing their sworn duty to protect the country. Continue reading

10 Rules to Observe in Checkpoints

The recent shootout or rub-out (depending on the result of the ongoing investigation) in Atimonan, Quezon, brings the focus back to the safety and rights of citizens when flagged by police authorities in checkpoints. All 13 passengers (including police and military officers) of the 2 vehicles died during the shooting incident that happened at the checkpoint. Now that the election period is about to start, more checkpoints will definitely sprout all over the country. Continue reading

Why Punish Responsible Owners of Guns?

Let’s start with the figures. In contrast to theĀ 1:500 ratio (1 police officer to every 500 Filipinos) desired by the government, the current ratio is 1:662 nationwide. Of course, that’s not evenly distributed, with the ratio spiking to 1:1,224 in Calabarzon. The Philippine National Police (PNP) is the first to admit that it is undermanned. Continue reading