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Church Annulment and Court Annulment

Annulment, loosely referring to the processes of declaration of nullity or annulment itself, is complicated, time-consuming and expensive. This is the usual complaint we’ve heard from clients, both existing and prospective, on the only legal process allowed by Philippine law to end marriage for Christians. Of course, we’ve known a lot of cases when people converted to Islam in an attempt to take advantage of the divorce provisions under Sharia law. The other alternative is death, which severs the marital bond (incidentally, any attempt on the life of the other spouse is merely a ground for legal separation). Continue reading

Receiving a Letter-Invite for Assessment in Psychological Incapacity

A considerable number of queries in this blog involves a scenario where one of the spouses receives a letter from a psychologist, inviting the said spouse for an interview or assessment to determine the existence of psychological incapacity. The usual query is whether the spouse who received the notice should participate and, in general, what on earth is this notice? The more recent inquiry is found in the post on “Annulment in the Philippines: Questions and Answers (Part 3)“. Continue reading