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Principal Office Address: Amending the Articles of Incorporation

Corporate compliance, just like tax and other reportorial requirements, is easier if handled by an army of staff, whether organic or outsourced. For small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs), however, employees cannot be considered as mere items of expense in the corporate books, for the simple reason that SMEs are naturally saddled with a lower spending cap. The enterepeneur ends up doing the marketing and selling, while performing the administrative backend, including corporate compliance.  Continue reading

Primer on the Securities Regulation Code (Republic Act 8799)

It’s not that starting Pinoy Entrepreneurs would be keen on getting to know the intricacies of shares of stocks or securities, much more¬†The Securities Regulation Code (Republic Act No. 8799). Still, at the very least, a little background on the matter would sound impressive during business meetings. So let’s have a primer on the subject matter of securities. Continue reading