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Full-Time Housewife and Marital Separation

I and married for almost 7 years and with that I have 2 kids with my husband. I am currently in a family crisis where my husband and I haven’t had good relationship (we’re not always talking but living in the same house). Today, we decided to live separately. I have no work as of the moment since my kids have been sickly and been going in and out of the hospital that made us decide that I stop working and be a full time mother and housewife. Now that my husband will be leaving our house, leaving the kids with me, I want to know what are my rights as a legal wife and him being the father of our kids?

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Annulment Philippines 2014

There’s a spike in google searches concerning “annulment philippines 2014.” Sure, we have a lot of discussion on annulment, declaration of nullity and legal separation — all intended to be helpful discussions. It has become harder to follow each discussion thread and so I am constrained to pour limited time with the more “interesting” topics and queries. Continue reading