The Art of Giving Gifts for Men

There’s an art in giving gifts, something that my wife has mastered. Women are experts in giving great gifts. They probably knew it from the moment they were born. They take time thinking about what to give to someone. Coupled with another favorite hobby — shopping — women find great satisfaction in choosing and giving gifts.

Not to us men, I suppose. There are two sides of this matter.

As the receiver — we willingly accept what you give us. We say thanks. We appreciate all the effort you put into choosing the best gift, whether it’s expensive or cheap. But please don’t feel bad if we don’t particularly like it. It’s not our fault that you wanted to give us gifts; we’re perfectly ok without gifts. We won’t feel bad if we don’t receive anything. We appreciate if you remember the flip side of the coin — please don’t feel bad if, after knowing the risk, you give us something and we don’t like it. It’s not our fault in the first place.

As the giver — it’s the thought that counts. We remember and appreciate you, the reason why we go out of our comfort zone. We risk life and limb just to go out and buy what we think you’ll like. If you like it, well and good. If you don’t, please don’t hate us for it. You should learn to appreciate the fact that we gave you a gift in the first place. To avoid any disappointments, please remember two things: first, remind us when you expect a gift (men, by nature it seems, are not good with remembering dates), and, two, tell us a good idea on what you want (as to why, see discussion above).

There you go. The art of giving gifts for men. We’ve talked about this during Mother’s Day. Now that it’s Christmas time and you probably expect a gift from us (or would want to give us a gift), the tips of giving good gifts, discussed above, may come in handy. Forewarned is forearmed.

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