The Atty-at-Work is Now Up and Running

I’m not sick or something. It’s about this site. We’re back after a week or so offline. Apologies for the glitch.

Even up to now, we’re still experiencing occasional downtime. The after-effect of the temp redirect still kicks in from time to time. Please be patient while we’re trying to fix the problem.

And while we’re at it, we’re doing a number of changes and some housekeeping chores. One of the changes is the theme, which is now green and should be faster-loading. I’d appreciate your help on the following:

1. Please tell us what features are not working so something could be done.

2. Suggestions on how to make this blog better? Also, I intend to bring back the non-legal topics (life, Philippine travel, business, etc.) previously spun-off from this siteĀ  (the idea was to focus a site for each topic). What’s your opinion on non-legal topics re-included here?

3. Two or three days after this site went offline, I had to do something to create a parallel site. A new site was created to serve as repository of the database if recovered from this site. With the original attyatwork site online again, I’m trying to figure out what to do with the new site.

Thank you.

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