The dangerous path towards dictatorship

By sustaining the unusual course taken by President Arroyo, we are traversing a very dangerous path. We are opening the way to those who, in the end, would turn our democracy into a totalitarian rule. While it may not plunge us straightway into dictatorship, however, it is a step towards a wrong direction. History must not be allowed to repeat itself. Any act which gears towards possible dictatorship must be severed at its inception. As I have stated in my previous dissent, our nation had seen the rise of a dictator into power. As a matter of fact, the changes made by the 1986 Constitutional Commission in the martial law text of the Constitution were to a large extent a reaction against the direction which this Court took during the regime of President Marcos. In ruling that the declaration of a “state of rebellion” is a prerogative of the President, then, I say, our country is tracing the same dangerous road of the past.”

– Justice Sandoval-Gutierrez,
Supreme Court,
dissenting opinion,
Sanlakas vs. Executive Secretary

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