The Impeachment: Should Chief Justice Renato Corona Testify in his Defense?

Today, 22 March 2012, the defense presented its last witness (former Manila Mayor Lito Atienza) before the Senate, acting as an impeachment court, takes a break. Even before the trial resumes in May, there’s a discussion on whether Chief Justice Corona should take the witness stand.

Many are saying CJ Corona should testify to personally shed light on the transactions. The expected logic is this: he must testify if he has nothing to hide. Even the Impeachment Court presiding officer, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, stated that Corona should testify.

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On the other hand, whether to take the witness stand is within the sole discretion of the defense panel. Nobody, not the prosecution or the Senate, can compel the Chief Justice to testify. Some say there would be no need for CJ Corona to testify if other witnesses and the documents already establish his defense. Others point out that he will be a sitting duck, dead man walking, if he appears in the Senate — primarily because, as alleged by the defense, some senators appear to be an extension of the prosecution.

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As of 31 March 2012, the poll is dead even at 50% for each side. You could still answer the poll above or express your comment below.


  1. A number of reasons why Corona should NOT testify —

    1. The evidence of prosecution is week. One, do all or any of the acts constitute an impeachable offense? No. Assuming the answer is “yes”, there is not enough evidence for each. We are forgetting that the burden of proving anything is on him who alleges. Did the prosecution do its job? No. They should have been more than grandstanding, bumbling pieces of sh@*. There seems to be no other purpose other than media exposure. I bet many of them will run for the Senate in 2013.

    2. If other witnesses could establish the defense, whats the need for Corona to testify? Who will testify on the sale transaction? The buyer, like City of Manila. The wife, who is in the thick of the Basa-Guidote controversy should testify, too.

    3. I agree that he will be a helpless sitting duck if he testifies. The Senators have made it clear that in their domain, they are kings. They ask any question they like. They say anything they want. And who can ensure that they do not go overboard? No one. The demonstrated propensity to abuse their prerogative should dissuade Corona NOT to testify.

  2. Narinig ko si Erin Tanada sinabi na dapat magtestify si Corona. The prosecution bungled its job. They are on a fishing expedition at lumalabas ngayon na butas kanilang lambat. Why do they want Corona to testify? ‘Ika nga, ang isda sa bibig nabibingwit. Dahil walang edibensya ang prosecution gusto nilang bingwitin si Corona sa bibig mismo. Hanuvayannn!!

  3. The prosecution team had done enough damage to the chief justice by doing a trial by publicity and lied about the ownership of properties, Tupas not knowing the Manager of the bank, short lady, extra marital affair of CJand now properties in USA.All they wanted is fish around for information from the defence team because of their lack of evidence.The cj in the Philippines had been bullied and disrespected unlike here in USA.

  4. FINAL JUDGEMENT is always on the hands of the Judge…If Corana`s testimony will be legal so let it be (give due process)…Other hands, its good Justice Corona to testify so that the people can internalize how Justice corona sincerely tell the truth…as he awes to the court, to his colleagues of the profession and to the public.

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