The Journey of Arnel Pineda

I don’t know Arnel Pineda or his band, Zoo, until the other day. On a long drive weaving through heavy Metro Manila traffic on my way to a morning court hearing, an FM dj mentioned Arnel Pineda’s name and that he is the newest vocalist of the rock band Journey. (Post transferred here. All posts under life and fatherhood will be transferred to


  1. after reading the article at sometime in december, i listened and watched some of the videos of the group “the zoo”… arnel’s local band… he’s fantastic indeed! i even shared his story with my children who are musically inclined as well. great!

  2. Journey was born when I was in grade 1. I remember some of them are Santana members. I did not listen to their music when I was in high school although Steve Perry already joined the band. I was busy listening to our own Bong Gabriel, Joel Navarro, Maria Capra et. al. I became a fan of Journey in early 80’s until Perry left in the mid 80’s I think. I pursued Perry as a solo artist. I loved Oh Sherrie and Foolish Heart. I’m so proud Journey as new lead singer in the person of Pinoy Arnel Pineda. Wow! I can’t believe it. He has clear, tenor voice as Perry. His rendition of Search is Over is marvelous. Goodluck, Arnel!

  3. ces, Are you asking for his band The ZOO? they have in Philippines.

    For Journey…
    To this date, only in the US, UK, Germany, and some other European countries, maybe Japan in Asia that Journey CD- REVELATION is available.

    Have a look on the reviews on how successful their concerts are in Europe. Can also order CD online at:

    click forum-review.

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