The North Luzon Expressway (NLE) versus the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX)

The daily news contains an item about a road accident. Either road mishaps are happening at an alarming rate or media outlets are more aggressive in reporting road mishaps. Just today, a bus fell off the Skyway, which sits on top of the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX). This is  not the first. And it certainly won’t be the last.

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On 26 July 2011, a Dimple Star Transport bus plunged from the Skyway into the busy SLEX below. An armored van also fell from the Skyway in January of 2007. It’s one thing for reckless drivers to ram into the railing of the Skyway, a totally different picture if innocent motorists are dragged, rather crushed, on the Skyway and below, along the SLEX. The railings are expected to withstand the impact. Either ban heavy vehicles from the Skyway or strengthen the barriers. Otherwise, it will happen again. It’s unacceptable if innocent motorists suffer, even if those motorists happen to be a member of the Skyway management or their families.

Incidentally, the latest incident brought back our discussion on which expressway appears to be safer.

It seems that NLE has better systems. Foremost is the overtaking lane, clearly designated and marked at the leftmost or innermost lane. The NLE had long enforced speed limits, which is why the recent news that SLEX will be strictly enforcing speed limits came as a complete surprise. More motorists appear to observe these regulations, and tollway personnel appear to be more equipped and willing to enforce these regulations, at the NLE. Most importantly, buses at the NLE appear to be more disciplined and motorists feel more comfortable driving alongside buses, like the Victory Liner, that passes through the NLEX.

This is not based on hard data, but on how safe we feel when passing through both highways. Feel free to express your opinion through the comment section below or through the poll above.


  1. Hi, on the MCTI bus, I saw one this morning that picekd up passengers in Carmona Cavite bound for Makati. May I ask if that is the same bus you refer to that comes from Cavite? If so, does it pass Ayala and turn left at Buendia before heading on back to Cavite? Thanks

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