The Race for the 2010 Presidential Elections is On

Just today, I stumbled upon a blog ( which claims to the “dedicated to the people who want to ENCOURAGE and SUPPORT Senator Mar Roxas as the next President of the Philippines.” It also claims to be the “1st blog of the 2010 Philippine Presidential Elections.” Two things immediately crossed my mind.

First, it’s never too early to start the 2010 Presidential race, or any elections for that matter. The gap between elections (3 years for Congress and other elective officials, 6 years for the President and Vice-President) is theoretically meant for the winning candidate to serve the people, and not to think about the next elections. This is most probably the reason why early campaigning is a criminal offense.

Second, the next elections will most likely be an affirmation of the power of blogs. In fact, I believe that the site for Sen. Mar Roxas is not the “1st blog of the 2010 Philippine Presidential Elections.” Months back, I also stumbled on a similar blog — for Sen. Richard Gordon ( The blog header reads: ‘We are just ordinary citizens working for change and trying to make a difference. Hand to hand and heart to heart, building a better future today. Through this blog we hope to reach out to the people whose lives have been touched and changed for the better by Dick Gordon. Let us all come together and help elect Dick Gordon for President in 2010.” (Note: please see comment of Kevin Chua below, which means that I could be wrong)

So, whose 2010 blog is next?


  1. Hi there Atty. Fred. I am Kevin Ray N. Chua, the blogger of

    I am just an ordinary college student who is supporting Mar Roxas for President. I deny the accusations of some that I am being “paid” by Sen. Roxas to blog about him. I categorically dismiss that. If I was even “paid”, I would have not trouble in my college tuition fees. I even go to internet cafés to blog and paying it for myself. Though I have a contact “already” with Sen. Roxas (because he called me after he saw the blog but before that, he didn’t knew me), I blog on my own and I blog what I think. I publish his press statements and I ponder through blogging, his positions on different issues.

    I read your post and I would just like to correct something if you may. And I quote:

    “In fact, I believe that the site for Sen. Mar Roxas is not the “1st blog of the 2010 Philippine Presidential Elections.” Months back, I also stumbled on a similar blog — for Sen. Richard Gordon (”

    – Actually, my Mar Roxas for President in 2010 Blog started last July 29, 2007 which coincidentally was launched together with another Mar Roxas 2010 Blog of Davao City Councilor Peter Laviña ( Here’s the proof:

    The Team Gordon 2010 Blog was launched last August 13, 2007 with this post:

    Thanks a lot for blogging Atty. Fred! Keep it on!


  2. No problem Attorney! Actually, I want to take up Law but I’m currently taking-up Information Techonology. Though I regret that I am not able to take-up Law (because I want to be a successful statesman someday), I’m practicing all my leadership skills to make it my guide for my future endeavor.

    More power to you also Atty. Fred! Keep also on blogging on 2010!

  3. Atty. i would just like to back you up…
    …mister kelvin chua your youtube video s*cks as a matter of fact your video became a laughing trip for some, sen. mar roxas would not be happy doing that video for him, you are using him for you to known!

  4. Kevin is probably a DPA of Bayani Fernando. He is sabotaging Roxas. Proof: Google Mar Roxas For President and all you will see are sites of Kevin…walang makapasok na iba…hinaharang nya.

    Effect: parang si Kevin lang ang boboto kay Roxas, wala ng iba.So, nagmumukhang mahina si Roxas. Tanong mo office ni Sen. Roxas..lahat galit kay Kevin, KSP kasi eh….stalker ni Roxas…kala nya sya lang magaling eh ang babaw naman ng sinasabi nya kay Roxas…nagmumukhang cheap tuloy si Senator.

  5. HOW, REALLY, DID MANUEL BAMBA VILLAR, JR. GET TO BE RICH? It may bear and serve the Filipino nation well to investigate and know that Manny Villar may actually have broken through from Tondo-ragged accountant to billionaire-rich presidentiable by allowing himself to be used as a foreign investor’s dummy in the Philippine real estate business. You see, the conduct of real estate business in the Philippines is made exclusive by law to Filipino citizens, necessarily because its affairs involve sensitive issues that affect territory, patrimony, and national security. Wasn’t that a debonair American who was smilingly visible every day at the offices of Crown Asia, Inc., way back before the Villars became political aspirants? Unfortunately, sighting American presence at the Crown Asia, Inc. organization deteriorates to zero visibility in hot election weather, especially nowadays! As Manny Villar embarked on a political career, it naturally became strategically imperative to avoid flaks of damaging controversy about being economically beholden to foreign influence, especially from nationalist camps of the likes of then Senator Teofisto Guingona Jr. who was one among legislators instrumental in passing general law limiting conduct of real estate business in the Philippines to Filipinos only. In fact, it was from 1997 to 1999 that the bespactacled, middle-aged, happy American investor (silent or express?) of Crown Asia, Inc. was last regularly observed at the 18th Floor of Cityland Herrera Tower. Most of us often have “humble,” sometimes “rotten,” beginnings; yet being transparent about such beginnings can do more good than harm. The key to the answer may reach as far back as times with SGV, or perhaps good Senator Manuel Villar may want to comment on this matter at this time?

  6. For Senator Benigno “Noynoy” S. Aquino III, democracy restored must be defended without fear and guarded with greatest fervor.

    However, while he is a staunch advocate of liberal democracy, he is also a fiscalizer who relentlessly espouses public accountability. His key legislative initiatives are anchored on the protection of human rights and good governance through increased transparency and public accountability. These are founded on the democratic ideals championed by his parents, former Senator and martyr Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr. and former President Corazon “Cory” Aquino.

    A true working democracy, he says, makes possible not only political freedoms but a better life for all Filipinos. It must be able to provide jobs, education, social services and equitable economic prosperity for everyone, not just the rich, privileged few. The defense of democracy nearly cost Noynoy his life. He was almost killed during the military coup against President Aquino in 1990 when he met retreating rogue soldiers at the front gates of Malacañang. Three of his bodyguards died while he suffered five bullet wounds. A bullet is still embedded in his neck.

    Noynoy served as Congressman of the 2nd District of Tarlac from 1998 to 2007. In 2004, he was stripped of his prestigious post as Deputy House Speaker for Luzon after he joined leaders of the Liberal Party (LP) in calling for the resignation of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo at the height of the “Hello Garci” scandal. In May 2007, he ran for Senator and won, placing 6th in the national elections. As a Senator in the 14th Congress, he chairs the Senate Committee on Local Government. In the Liberal Party, Senator Aquino held various positions such as Secretary General and Vice Chairman. He is now Party’s Executive Vice President. Noynoy is a graduate of Economics at the Ateneo de Manila University. He fancies Chinese food and is a shooting and billiards enthusiast.

    So, If I were you, I would definitely go for Nonoy Aquino to lead our nation into better communities.

  7. The Phil Presidential 2010 election looks to be the center of controversy nowadays, different survey results from various surveys are showed-up to know the standing of the presidentiables, and it seems to be a tight battle between noynoy aquino and manny villar. One Political party can make Black propaganda against opposing candidate to hurt one’s ranking. One of the recent is “Villaroyo”.

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