The waiting game (again)

Yesterday, 23 September 2007, marks the last day of the 4-Sunday Philippine bar examination. It marks the last day for our bar examinees to give it all they’ve got. It also marks the beginning of another phase which others consider as more difficult – the waiting game.

Patience is a virtue; no one can seriously doubt that. It holds true to a sniper in war or a suitor in love. Waiting is never easy. Ask a first-time father or the relative of an operating room (OR) patient, who impatiently paces the hospital lounge waiting for the doctor to come out. You lose much control, or all of it.

Many variables are at work after an examinee submits his/her exam booklet. As the bar exams is pretty much an essay type, an examinee’s hope, and future, hangs in part on the personality and day-to-day condition of the examiner. Is he strict? Is he generous? Was he in a bad mood when checking an exam booklet, which, unfortunately, happen to be yours?

Indeed, there are so many reasons why waiting for the bar exam results is not easy. From a practical standpoint, the months spent waiting means lesser time to start reviewing again in the unfortunate event that a bar examinee doesn’t make it, as the results are not released until March (or, in our case, May) of the next year (by the way, try asking an examinee, even the best bet of any law shool, if he/she is sure to pass the exams, and he/she will most likely refrain from saying a confident “yes,” least a Higher Being teaches him/her a lesson or two in humility). From a basic point of view, we simply prefer being in control, we fear the unknown, and we want everything in an instant. Fastfood, instant coffee, instant gratification, instant everything. The months of waiting for the bar exam results is truly a torture.

Still, it’s a learning experience.

Congratulations, good luck and God bless to everyone who took the 2007 Philippine bar exams.


  1. Hello again everyone. It has been a while since I posted a message here. Can you anyone recommend me a good bar review center (except for UP) which offers an advance review (weekends only) from October to March? Thanks.

  2. hi atty fred!

    i just got home from a weekend of serving the barristers there in manila as part of the barops team and i will quote Macka on this, that was quite a learning experience. though some of them had weird requests like this one certain barrister, asking me whether there is something i can do with the water interruption of MWSS. hay, they are really stressed! It’s amazing how one exam can change somebody else’s life.

    for the barristers…good luck to y’all, especially to the USJR barristers! Adelante!


  3. Macka, now that it’s over, the first part at least, perhaps everyone can now discuss the get-together. =)

    Jericho, may I suggest that you post your query at the Bar Exams Forum –

    Sha2x, the purpose really is to make their lives less stressful, and you’ll appreciate what you did in asssiting them when it’s your turn to take the bar exams. During our time in barops, somebody asked us to purchase a red underwear…at 1 a.m. Somebody requested a Cebu lechon…the whole lechon. Of course, they got what they requested, but I never made such requests during my turn to take the bar exams because I know how difficult it is to be in the bar ops. =)

  4. Hi! First of all, I am glad to be here. It seems that I have reconnected with people of my kind. I have finished law school 2 years ago, and had been a self-supporting, working law student, so the time I spent in lawschool spanned almost 10 years! You know, doing jobs, getting married, and having 3 babies in a row…I’m sure you get what I mean. I never really got the chance to review and take the bar. I thought I was gonna do it this year 2007 but then…I gave birth to my 3rd baby in April. =) So, my best bet will be next year 2008. I am SO GLAD to land here on your blog.

  5. Jericho_one, you’re welcome.

    Maying, the important thing is that you’re happy with what you have…your family. The bar exams could wait. =) Good luck and God bless on your plans.

  6. Atty. Fred,

    It makes wonder how an examiner will be able to check around 170 notebooks per day from now to, maybe, about a month before the 2007 bar results come out.

    With that amount of notebooks to check, that will leave him practically no other thing to take care of. The examiner would probably put to hold most of his life for some 5 months.

    It would be grossly unfair to the barrister if the examiner will hire a phalanx of checkers or delegate the checking of the notebooks to one such group because of the different standards, interpretations and idisyncrasies of the checkers.

    Perhaps, the passing percentage would be 70% if the examiner can read each and every answer in the all the notebooks that he will check.

    Could it be that the passing percentage of the bar examinations is a measly 22% to 30% because that is also the number of booklets that the examiner gets to check?

    Just wondering.

  7. I was one of those who took the 2007 Bar exams… more than a month after, it seems like an endless agony….the pain the anxiety and wonder of the exam exist in the mind.. four years of law school did not prepare me to overcome all those six months experiences in Manila. I have a job to go back to but my life has never been the same again. I have to face another agony of waiting that will determine what is life ahead.
    More power.

  8. Marjo, thanks for sharing your reflections. Good luck and God bless to you and everyone who went through it. I hope the 2007 bar results will be out sooner.

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