Transgender Women in Beauty Pageants?

We’ve previously noted that Philippine laws do not recognize and protect same-sex marriage. It doesn’t matter which religion you belong. Unlike certain matters — divorce, for instance, which is allowed for the Muslim community — the legal non-recognition of same-sex marriage applies to all groups and religions.

When is a man a man and when is a woman a woman? In particular, does the law recognize the changes made by a physician using scalpel, drugs and counseling with regard to a person’s sex? May a person successfully petition for a change of name and sex appearing in the birth certificate to reflect the result of a sex reassignment surgery? This is the issue resolved in a 2007 case. As Supreme Court stated in Silverio vs. Republic, “the sex of a person is determined at birth, visually done by the birth attendant (the physician or midwife) by examining the genitals of the infant.”

In other words, based on this characterization, a woman can only be a woman by birth.

Now we have news that the “Miss Universe pageant is changing its rules and will allow transgender women to take part in all of its competitions starting in 2013.”

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Do you agree with the decision of the Miss Universe to allow transgender women in beauty pageants? Poll is found above. Your comments below.


  1. Donald Trump is sick. There are contests for men. There are contests for women. There are contests for transgenders. If gay people are proud of who they are, why not create a separate beauty contest for themselves? Why make matters complicated by invading beauty contests for natural-born women?

  2. This is the result when people have no moral basis from where to anchor their decision. When relativism, convenience and popularity are to be made the criteria, it won’t be far enough for Miss Universe Pageant to become Maze Universe Pageant.

  3. I agree with ‘Essense of a Woman’. There are some contests for transgenders and LGBTs, so that’s where they should join. Whatever happens, if you are born male, then you are a male and if you are born female, then you are a female. You can’t change it.

  4. Why does it matter if she was born a boy or a girl? Are the genuine females scared of a little competition? After all we are talking about a beauty competition and if a male can present himself well enough to win then I say “Well done my man”. Surely the organizers can see that unless the “male” entrant is absolutely perfect then he wont be gaining the crown.
    I think the real issue is that we are placing such emphasis on a beauty competition while we keep telling our children that “beauty is only skin deep”. Get over it people and if somebody wants to enter into a beauty competition they should be welcomed with open arms irrespective of what body parts are there or not there.

  5. gender is not a fixed condition and unfortunately not everyone is born completely female or completely male. some are born intersex in fact a lot of children born today not one or two but a great number of children are born with this condition.

    “sometimes an open mind leads to great maturity and an open heart leads to greater understanding”

    ‘Abraham and Sarah were [each of them a] tumtum, as it is said: “Look to the rock from which you were hewn, and to the quarry from which you were digged” (Isaiah 51:1) and it is written: “Look to Abraham your father and to Sarah who bore you” (Isaiah 51:2). Rabbi Nahman said in the name of Rabbah bar Abuha: Sarah our mother was an ‘aylonith, as it is said: “Now Sarai was barren; she had no child” (Genesis 11:30) – she did not even have a womb.’

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