U.P. Centennial (1908-2008)

This logo is, of course, unofficial. The text is derived from SMS messages going around (if you can’t read the message on the badge, simply click the image).

U.P. Centennial Logo at www.attyatwork.comTo wear this badge proudly on your sites: (1) right click on the image, select “Copy IMAGE Location”, not “Copy LINK Location”; (2) Go to the visual text editor or whatever you use to compose your blog entry, click the “insert/edit image” button, then paste at “Image URL” portion. Simple.

To see the official UP Centennial Logo and its description, check the UP website.


  1. roseee, thanks for wearing the badge. Some are saying that the message written on it (and the text message going around) is a bit weird. You think so?

  2. Suosdey, Atty. Fred!
    I followed the UP website and found a logo different from the one you posted here. Is that (the one in the UP website) the chosen official logo?

  3. Hi Zar, as noted in the post, this is NOT the official logo =) The link to the official logo is also provided in the post.

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