Visit Pinas

We could very well post travel logs in our own sites. This is why one of the categories in this site is”Visit the Philippines”. Still, with a sense of community, promoting travel to and in our country is much easier and more meaningful.

Just like Pinoy Entrepreneurs category, the Visit Philippines category has been rolled off to a separate site, primarily to make it open for everyone to register and write about the Philippines. The new site, Visit Pinas, is where we join our fellow Filipinos in exploring the Philippines – its beauty should be enjoyed by Filipinos. This is also a site where we invite non-Filipinos to visit the Philippines. If you love to travel (or would want to write something about why everyone should visit a place, see or do something, somewhere in the Philippines), then you’re most welcome in this collaborative site. Please feel free to share your Philippine travel logs and invite others to join the group, and, of course, visit the Philippines. You could do so at Visit Pinas.

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