Waiting for the 2006 bar examination results

This year, 6,344 law graduates from 100 Philippine law schools took the 100-year-old plus Bar exams. Now that the 2006 Bar exams are over and as the day of the release of the results approaches, the mental torture is going to get worse. In my experience, the first time I felt God’s presence was when I took the bar exams. That was the first time I had nightmares, waking up at dawn drenched in sweat. That was the first time I went to church, alone, in the middle of the night. That was the first time my tears fell while praying. I felt guilty of asking for anything because I forgot Him in happier times. Yet, I really have no one to turn to; He is my refuge and I have to ask for strength to go on. More suggestions on how to deal with the waiting game at the Forum.

Update (21 March 2007): I was pleasantly surprised to see an increase of comments here. I guess this is because of the persistent “rumor” that the bar results will be released tomorrow, 22 March 2007. This, of course, adds to the agony of waiting. But, guys, relax (if that’s possible). Take this week to get some rest. Go to a retreat. Continue working. Get a vacation. My crystal ball says that the results won’t be released this week. My crystal ball also favors odd (as opposed to “even”) dates next week. Maybe my crystal ball will be kind enough to give updates. =) Good luck and God bless to everyone.

Update (22 March 2007): Back when I had more hair and lower blood pressure, we had at least 2 major false alarms, or shall I say “kuryente”, while waiting for the bar results. Each time, the four of us underbar associates (3 UP, 1 Ateneo) would gather in one of our rooms, gather in a circle, and take turns saying a prayer. Of course, some partners and senior associates would know because we would all quietly vanish in a locked room, the window blinds shut, with an instruction to our secretaries not to be disturbed. Then we’ll learn that it’s a false alarm. After a while, we (at least I), stopped caring exactly when the results would come out. I guess you eventually get tired of waiting. You just want the torture to end. Wait, sorry I got carried away =) All I want to say is this: For the sake of sanity (of everyone waiting), no, the results won’t be released tomorrow (Friday).

Update (23 March 2007): The electronic copy of the official results is, of course, posted at the Supreme Court website. Given the flow of things, the electronic posting would come BEFORE the hard copy is posted outside the Supreme Court complex along Padre Faura. There’s a little problem, something I’m sure the tech people at SC had addressed already – the SC website is heavily swamped on the day of the release of the results. In other words, you may have a hard time checking the website. We’ll try to mirror the results here or at the Forum. By the way, as mentioned before, J-Day is not today.

Update (24 March 2007): I believe everybody knows about the petition of Satur Ocampo pending with the Supreme Court, although not everybody knows that it’s scheduled for oral arguments on March 30. The SC will have its hands full, so to speak, and will get less time to tackle the bar results prior to that date. So, according to my crystal ball, our future lawyers have to extend their period of “reflection” until April 2-4. (By the way, thanks to Mish for the splendid performance of our free server. I hope it continues that way so we can continue providing updates.)

Update (27 March 2007): I’m thinking not to call this an “update”, because there’s nothing “new” to say. Anyway, my crystal ball is not saying anything. This means that the last update still holds true.

Update (28 March 2007): C’mon, folks, it’s not gonna be tomorrow, and it’s not gonna be Friday. J-Day is next week. If I’m wrong, then I have to make dagok my crystal ball =) Is 3 a good number?


  1. Ninjutsu, you’re welcome and congratulations. Next year, you’ll be taking the role of assuaging the fried nerves of our examinees =) See you around.

    Sha2x/Nonong, I don’t have it yet, but will post it once I get it. If you get it first, please share it with the rest of us.

    Gio/Maritess/Pink, congratulations! Gio, unya, salamat na lang diay…dili diay ka mangimbita og tagay inig nganha nako sa Cebu? =)

    Jong-el, you don’t have to wait until next year…I’m sure I’ll hear from you guys as September approaches =)

    Jericho/Heavenli, perhaps I can join you guys if you play badminton in QC.

  2. ATTY FRED: I still have to hear from Heavenli but would love to play with you guys soon. We could set a date & place for this & also for others who are interested in joining.

  3. To: Jericho_One:
    Hi!… I know that it’s hard to move on while the impact of the result is still fresh yet with God’s grace, i know that in the days to come, you will be able to gain momentum to move on.
    I also have close friends who, unfortunately, did not make it. Our advice is for them to take the bar exam again this year…I am suggesting the same to you. You are one step ahead since those things you have reviewed last year are still fresh in your memory… And I think the most important reason is, strike while the passion is still there…
    I pray that, together with my friends who will be taking the bar this year, you will also make it… Goodluck and Godbless!

  4. id like to congratulate Ms. Anjuli Larla A. Tan, for making it to the 6th slot up there…….she’s from my school guys….i hope the same feat would be ‘replicated’ this year and during our batch’s feat next year…..

  5. To Atty Fred, thanks a lot po for this site. Im really glad I found this site during those months… would like to inform you that I passed yeheyy…

    To jericho_one, seems like I know you.. I admire your strength, I know I’m really not the best person to give you any advise but since life has to move and I feel like I know you personally I am advising na magtake na po ulit… wag na natin patagalin..
    pasali din sa badminton sched nyo ha. Ayusin ko lang sched ko dito sa office.

    Congratulations sa Working Class ng school namin. All the members made it.

    God Is Really Good, let’s continue to pray as we prayed during the waiting period. Wag natin kalimutan ang pangako natin na maging mabubuti at tapat na abogado nuong tayo ay nagdadasal habang nagiintay ng resulta.

    God Bless to everybody.

  6. Paul, taga-Southern Leyte ko and diha ko sa UP Cebu nag-undergrad, but diri sa UP-Dil nag-law. Tagay nya ta diha sa Larxian =)

    Bystander, you should know the sked during your oathtaking.

    Gem, you’re welcome. Congratulations…I wish you all the best in your practice. When you see me in court, please don’t hesitate to slap me on my back =)

    Jericho, I agree with everyone that you should take the bar exams this year. Aside from the fact that you’ll forget many of whay you studied if you wait too long, you’ll also cover more jurisprudence and laws. Good luck. By the way, just let us know pag ok na badminton sked.

  7. Maritess E-F & Atty. Fred: Thanks for the words of encouragement. I have started reading again a little bit. I am just waiting for the release of the grades (hopefully after the oath taking) so that I can decide whether to take it again this year or not. If I’m that close or if I actually pass but got DQ’d in one subject, then I’ll make a run for it. At any rate, I’ll do keep in touch.

    gem: I guess I know you too. If I am not mistaken, you’re the one who introduced me to this site. You’re the one with the Filipino first name right? 🙂

    Jong-el: Do stick around. It would be nice to see what’s going on in this site before and after the bar exams.

    ninjitsu: How does the bet work?

    And to everyone out here who aspires to be a lawyer soon or those whose dreams were already fulfilled, care for a game of badminton? Atty. Fred, Heavenli, Gem and myself would be playing. We just need to work out the sked. Let me know guys. I play atleast 3-4 times a week.

  8. hello to everyone. i just discovered this site. its nice. i wish i found this while i was taking the bar ’05. unfortunately i didnt make it.
    maybe, for some of us, its not really meant and we have to move on.
    somehow, i am still hoping that one day i will become a lawyer…..but im not keeping my hopes up.

  9. My mama said that “by faith I will pass the bar, and that my faith in Him will bring me to success.” A friend also once told me that “when we pray we claim.” Now I claim, that by His love and mercy and with the confidence and trust that I reposed upon Him, surely He will not fail me. 🙂 As the result of the 2007 bar exams will soon be released, I will continue to hold on. Though I am trying to throw all my fears away, I just continue to entrust to the Lord my life. If things won’t happen the way I expect it to happen, I pray that He will give me the wisdom to accept that all things must happen according to His plan. Thy will be done and not mine. Ever since I started in law school I don’t pray only for the subjects that I am enrolled for a particular semester. I do pray too for my success up until the Bar. If there’s that ultimate prayer that I’ve been praying to Him for years now, that is for Him to help me pass the bar at first take and that He will not let me take the bar exam again. By the answers I gave in the past bar exam, I believe that it’s very difficult for me to pass, however I believed more that with God, all are possible. I know that He will do His wonders for me. Holding on to the faith that He will not let me take the bar exam again keeps me alive and praising Him. I know that the Lord God knows me best more than anybody else, even more than I know myself. He sees my desire, my longing and the Love I have for Him. I always dedicate my study in law to my mother that’s why when I thought I won’t be able to graduate last March, I prayed hard to the Lord and with the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, to give me the gift to graduate if not for me for my mama whom I so love dearly. Just as the son Jesus loves His mother and like the mother who loves her child, they granted my wish. Now, I keep on telling God that I know He will not fail me this time. He did grant me once, and now that my faith in Him has deepened, I know He will grant this petition of mine to pass the Bar. By Faith the Lord will bring me to success. 🙂

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