Waiting for the 2006 bar results; no, not this week

I was pleasantly surprised to see an increase of comments in the previous post on waiting for the 2006 bar results to be released. I guess this is because of the persistent “rumor” that the bar results will be released tomorrow, 22 March 2007. This, of course, adds to the agony of waiting.

But, guys, relax (if that’s possible). Take this week to get some rest. Go to a retreat. Continue working. Get a vacation. My crystal ball says that the results won’t be released this week. My crystal ball also favors odd (as opposed to “even”) dates next week. Maybe my crystal ball will be kind enough to give updates. =)

Good luck and God bless to everyone.

(For convenience, let’s centralize the updates here; check the Top Ten and complete list of passers here).


  1. I can’t wait to hear the results of bar exam,my nephew took the exam,when is results be released.please let us know.salamat po>

  2. greetings. thnx 4 this website. i too passed the 2006 Bar exams. i think now is my time to ask a question, Sir. do you have any idea what’s the passing percentage of UP, Ateneo, & SBC for the 2006 Bar? i would also like to apply at the OSG, Ombudsman, or PCGG as a lawyer. do they have vacancies and do they accept graduates of lesser known law schools? thnk you very much, Sir.

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