Waiting for the 2007 bar examination results

Somebody left a comment in this site that the Supreme Court already reserved the PICC for March, in anticipation of the oathtaking ceremonies for those who passed the 2007 Philippine bar exams. On the other hand, somebody said that the reservation was moved to April, which means that the release of the exam results would naturally be delayed (not February 2008, as previously expected). In the next days, there will be more “rumors” as to when the 2007 bar results will be released. To the examinees and their families, hang on. We will post updates here (also at the Bar Exams Forum and the Philippine e-Legal Forum). Update: LIST OF SUCCESSFUL EXAMINEES here.


  1. just a question on all law students who took the BAR: why did you want to take up Law as a profession instead of other professions like accounting, business, medicine, teaching? Is that the passion to bring justice? And how much salary does a lawyer make on average?

  2. anak, i took up law because my husband and i believed that it was part of His plan- paying it forward? i am a cpa but was not able to practice it because my husband who’s an engineer was assigned to some asian countries, thus i have to accompany him there. living overseas is such a charmed life. but when the time for us to come home & his job overseas only required him to be absent for just a month, we decided that the kids & i settle here permanently. what am i going to do with 3 teenagers, who would rather not have a mother? ha ha ha.

    so i studied law, with the purpose of paying it forward by working with ngos if & when i become a lawyer.sadly i failed the 2007 bar exams.but i am going to take it again this september, God’s willing. ganun talaga eh. after falling down & scraping my knees, i got up, licked my wounds & then kept on running. that’s what i taught my kids, do you think i will not walk the talk? i am a mother for goodness’ sake!!! mothers are invincible!!!!

    do not worry, iho or iha. God has a way of compensating all your efforts. sounds corny but He really does! just remember that there is such a word as ENOUGH!!!!! he he he

  3. WilltakeupLaw. I took up law because my late grandpa was a fading politician and a frustrated attorney. I took and passed the 94 bar exams and got lucky to work at a big firm where I was making around P18,000. a month, a big amount for an inexperienced atty. back then. I believe at that time my former classmates were making around P11,000. a month as associates in smaller firms appearing only for arraignments and pre trials. For most new attorneys money is not the motivation but the thrill itself of practicing law. Damn I still remember my first truimph in dismissing a case because the plaintiff forgot to include a non forum shopping requirement in the complaint. I was whistling all the way home.

  4. i agree with webster. some men indeed “have all the luck.” there is nothing wrong with this statement except when it is made at the expense of some people. sana walang na dq sa ibang subjects other than the three. di ba bawal at absolutely prohibited ang pre-mature decoding? may massacre talaga!

  5. i am so thankful for crossing over this site on the net. it will serve as a great source in pursuing my law study.

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