1. i’m one of the 2007 bar passers.

    may i inquire what kind of questions are usually asked in an interview. will it be something like a revalida where anything and everything about a certain topic could be asked?

    i am sorry for my innocence.

  2. i have never worked in my entire life. i am one of those who passed the 2006 bar exams.

    just a few questions, atty. fred:

    will you recommend working at pao?

    as for the law firms, how will i know if they are in need of associates?

    how do i send in my resume? will it be by personal service, by mail or e-mail?

    do i have to include my transcript? what other documents do i need to submit together with the resume?

    thank you, atty. fred. you have always been there for us.

  3. newbie, first_timer,

    Yes, they can, and do, ask you about anything under the sun. The questions are normally just like in any job interview. why do you have this low grade for that subject, what’s your favorite subject in law school, what you expect from the firm, what could they expect from you, why are you better than others, why do you want to join a law firm, what are your hobbies interests, can you work long hours, how much salary do you expect, do you have a family, etc. In fact, some even ask you if you play baseketball and if you’re good at it (there’s an inter-law office Basketball tournament).

    Working at PAO: it’s hard, but noble, work. You’ll get heavy exposure in mamy cases, specially criminal cases. However, for a lawyer who just passed the bar exams, you’ll get little supervision (at least in a law firm, someone will review your work and eat you alive before your pleadings are filed =). Besides, you’ll get little exposure to commercial litigation and corporate work. It’s your call.

    I see some ads in papers. Bigger firms don’t advertise; they recruit directly from the top law firms. You can also ask your friends (or your friends’ friends) who are working in law firms if there are any vacancies.

    Unless an insider asks you to submit your resume through email (or fax or other ways), I strongly recommend submitting it personally. Include a cover letter, addressed to the managing partner (or hiring partner or head of the hiring committee). Do a bit of research and ask who that person is (they value research). Include a covering letter (there’s a lot of tips on how to write a good covering letter) and attach your transcript of grades. Choose a format for your resume that’s fit for a law firm.

    Good luck.

  4. thank you so much, atty. fred, for lending us, new lawyers, some of your precious time.

    i am sorry for some typo errors made in my post. those could have been the basis of some comments.

    i really find your post regarding this matter very helpful.

    i am really at a loss at this time. after all the revelry for passing the bar exams, i am now in a maze where the goal is deeply hidden. my inexperience must be the culprit for this cold feet that i’m having.

    wish us luck. thank you for your selfless sharing of your time, knowledge and experience. we salute you.

    p.s may i apply in your law firm? 🙂

  5. first_time, your’re welcome. By all means, please submit your resume, cover letter and grades. Applicants usually attach a picture.

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