What the Bar Exam is Not

There’s a previous post on the important bar review tip of the phBar.org Community members. Blimpi, an underbar back then, listed a number of items “to put us all in perspective”. The items don’t fit in the usual bar review tips, so we’re separately posting theme here.

What the bar is NOT

  • A quiz. It shouldn’t be treated lightly.
  • A personality contest. Just because you’ve been a good daughter, son, friend, significant other, or you participated in the Bar Ops all your years in law school, doesn’t guarantee you’ll pass.
  • A beauty contest. I really don’t get this one, pero siguro ‘wag pabibo at pa-cutesy ang sagot.
  • A test of faith or religion. Man, this one hit me right on target. I flunked twice already. Flunking the second time shatters not just the confidence but the person. But we should never blame God for our failure. God should only take care of our other equally important concerns (i.e., family, loved ones, health, work, all the things we are temporarily leaving behind), but taking the bar (i.e., studying, exercising) should be our responsibility.
  • A test of the most difficult issues of the law. The bar tests our working knowledge of the law, so we should concentrate on the fundamental principles. 90% of the questions is about the basic principles. 10% idaan na lang sa English. UP Law Professor (now Dean) Marvic Leonen once told us, LOGIC LANG YAN, E!

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