Wiki Law Project (Philippines)

[Note: Primarily for lack of time, this project has been discontinued.] A “wiki” – which is derived from the Hawaiian word “fast” – is a collaborative website that allows anyone who has access to contribute or modify content. The Wiki Law Project (Philippines) is intended to be driven by its members, principally the members of (Bar Exams Forum). This project should contain helpful information about Philippine laws and legal system — always subject, of course, to the disclaimers.

The Wiki Law Project (Philippines) was a component of (Bar Exams Forum). It’s a pilot project to test the possibility of a collaborative database on Philippine laws and legal system. There are a number of helpful legal resources online, a fact which makes the work on this project less difficult. The challenge is to sift through these legal information and create a reader-friendly database.

This site has just started and is far from complete, although you could now read some entries (these are “seeds,” and these articles are supposed to grow as more members include revisions), probably starting with the Writ of Amparo or the Bouncing Checks Law. This may take a while because this project is supported entirely by volunteers and there are still so many unresolved issues. For instance, should everyone be allowed to create an account? If that is so, how to maintain a certain degree of integrity? Is it really feasible? No one knows for sure and the best way to find out is to try the project. (If you have any comments or suggestions to make it work or to make it better, please let us know thru the comment section below).

To request for an account or start posting, see User Help. You could also proceed to join the Wiki Team at the Bar Exams Forum. Thank you.


  1. Wow! I know it is not going to be an easy task building up the contents, but I know this is going to be a success. I have written a number of entries in Wikipedia before… Maybe I can give Wiki Law a try in the coming days (months, years). 🙂

    God bless on this great project.

  2. Wikipedia has so much information which is not correct. For this Philippine Law Wiki project it’s even more difficult as you can only comment on a case or talk about existing jurisprudence.
    Anything else is the opinion of the author.
    Editing articles will not be an easy task. And most lawyers are very busy and probably delegate thisto others in their office.

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